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I believe that life is about sharing.

That memories are valuable and
moments are worth keeping forever.

That the most special things in life
are better enjoyed with others.

I believe that lifestyles of
generosity can breed a community
that defines itself by service.

That is why I do what we do.
Because this is not my job.
This is my passion.
This is who I am

I believe that what I do is not
what makes me, but why I do it.

I won’t be defined but what’s
been established before.

I will define myself.

By celebrating others’ success.
By putting their needs first.
By capturing joy.
And by sharing it with them.

This is who I am.

I am a Shoot & Share Photographer.

Things you may not know about Trie:

  1. I got my name Trie by combining Tricia and Marie (my first and middle name) after attending a summer of music festivals.
  2. I try to live as green as possible. I do recycle.
  3. I gave up drinking soda in April 2013. I eat organic as often as possible.
  4. I have a passion for photographing trees as well as people.
  5. I am a proud rescue dog mom of two from the Nashua Humane Society Animal Shelter. Cassie is mix beagle/rat terrier and Pedro is mix beagle/shepard.

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